How To Permanently Turn Off Auto Start Stop Chevy Silverado 

Imagine yourself being stuck in traffic with your car’s engine running. Do you know how much fuel is wasted this way? In order to solve this rising problem, newer cars nowadays have an auto start/stop feature. It automatically turns off your car’s engine when it is not needed. 

When you hear about this feature, it may sound pretty convenient. However, some drivers don’t like it when their vehicle’s engine is shut down frequently. So, how to permanently turn off auto start stop Chevy Silverado? 

Also, does it harm the car when you disable auto start stop? Advance further into the article and find all your answers. 

The Auto Start/Stop Technology: How Does It Work?

As the name indicates, the auto start-stop technology automatically shuts off your vehicle’s engine when it is not moving. When you hit the brakes and bring your vehicle to a complete stop, this auto-stop feature temporarily turns off your vehicle. And when you release the brakes, it automatically starts the car for you. 

Auto stop doesn’t completely turn off the engine. Instead, it cuts off the transmission between the engine to the wheels and puts it in a neutral position. It also switches the car from petrol to battery, which saves fuel when you are idling in your vehicle. 

As it doesn’t shut down the engine entirely, it also doesn’t have to cold start the car. So, for the ones who think starting and shutting the car’s engine too frequently is bad, auto start-stop technology doesn’t actually do that. 

When Is Auto Start-Stop Activated?

Auto Start-Stop is activated when the brake is firmly pressed, and your car is at a complete halt. These two conditions must be fulfilled for this particular system to be activated. When your vehicle is at a stop, this intelligent system takes it as a cue to disengage all the transmissions. And by doing so, it puts the car in neutral mode and saves fuel drainage. 

When the auto stop feature turns off your car, you will see the indicator needle in the tachometer moving to the ‘Auto Stop’ mark. 

How does auto-start technology automatically start the engine after shutting it off? For that, you have to release the brake you had pressed down. Once the brake is released, the engine starts warming up. It re-establishes the power transmission, and you have your car moving. 

Sometimes, auto start may start your car’s engine before you entirely release the brake. For example- when the air conditioning system is running, the engine may turn on earlier. 

How To Disable Auto Start Stop Chevy Silverado?

Now, even though auto start-stop is said to be a fantastic addition, not everyone likes it. You may ask why. Well, it is not really convenient when you have to deal with frequent turns on the road. You definitely wouldn’t like your car to turn off in the middle of a junction just because you have hit the brake. 

So, many people like to turn off this feature and have complete control of the car’s operation. But how to disable auto start-stop? Do you know about it? It is pretty easy, actually. 

  • First, start your car and put it on the drive. The auto start-stop feature should be activated normally when your vehicle is running. 
  • Now, find the ‘Auto Stop Disable’ button on the dashboard and press it once. It is marked with an ‘A’ inside a half circle. One end of the circle has a pointed arrow that helps you recognize the button quickly. 
  • Depending on the car’s model, you may find it at the center console or on the right side of the dashboard. 
  • After pressing the button, you will see the Auto Stop Disable indicator light is turned on. It is usually a blue light. 
  • As long as the light is on, the auto-stop system is disabled.
  • Do it every time before you start driving, and the auto start/ stop will be disabled. 

How To Turn Off Auto Start-Stop Permanently?

The method of disengaging auto start-stop we discussed earlier is a temporary one. You will have to do this every single time you start the car. Many Chevy owners consider it a hassle and look for any permanent way to turn this feature off. 

Is there any way to permanently disable the auto start-stop feature in Chevy Silverado? If yes, how?

When many users showed displeasure with the auto-stop feature, the manufacturers made a new plug-in device called Autostop Eliminator. You can take professional help to install it in your car and get rid of the Auto Stop feature permanently. 

This is a minor modification and will not harm the car’s activity at all. So, if you are not a fan of auto-stop in your Chevy Silverado, you can turn it off for life. 

Is Auto Start Stop Bad For Your Car?

Labeling a feature as good or bad from a third person’s perspective is not wise. Depending on different users, the opinion may vary. Some may find it helpful, while some may not like it much. 

However, auto start-stop technology was made with the aim of saving fuel. Traffic is expected in busy cities, and we spend hours being stuck in it. Each year, billions of gallons of fuel are wasted only from idling cars. 

As the auto stop turns off the vehicle’s engine when it is not moving, it saves fuel. It also protects the engine from overheating and exhaustion. But it is also true that frequently starting and stopping the engine harms the engine’s life. 

Though vehicles with auto stop features usually have robust engine components to withstand the wear and tear from frequent on and off, it still shortens the engine and battery life. So, it may be helpful, but it indeed has its demerits too. 


1. How do I permanently turn off Chevy start-stop?

Install an aftermarket autostop eliminator in your vehicle, and it will turn off the auto start-stop feature permanently. 

2. Can auto start-stop be turned off permanently?

Yes, of course. You can permanently turn off the auto start-stop feature in your car. All you need to do is a slight modification by installing an autostop eliminator in your vehicle. 

3. How do I get rid of auto stop?

You can temporarily turn off auto stop by pressing the ‘Auto Stop Disable’ button on the center console. Pressing the key will turn off the feature until you restart the engine. 

4. Why do Chevys have an auto-stop?

Auto start-stop is a fuel-saving technology. It shuts off your car’s engine when it is not needed. And by doing so, it improves fuel efficiency and also saves money. 

Final Words

Chevy’s new auto start-stop features promise to save fuel and cost by turning off the engine when you are not driving. However, it also has a significant impact on the vehicle’s lifespan. And also, many users don’t like it when their car comes to a stop frequently. 

That’s why we have told you how to permanently turn off auto start stop Chevy Silverado. For those, who don’t want to opt for permeant disengagement, we have also shown you a temporary way to disable the feature. Hopefully, it will be helpful.

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