How to reset the ambient temperature sensor Chevy Silverado?

Occurring inner issues in the Ambient Temperature sensor of your Chevy Silverado vehicle are common.

But how to reset the ambient temperature sensor Chevy Silverado yourself? It is not important to call a technician to reset a sensor system. Knowing some basic steps can solve the issue, and we will let you know.

This guide will let you know how to reset an ambient sensor system. At the same time, you will know the symptoms of a bad ambient air temperature sensor. So, let’s start to explore the resetting the system.

How to know the condition of an ambient temperature sensor

It is natural for any engine-related or inner issues with your ambient sensor. But the good practice is to inspect the problems before any serious unexpected incident. But how to know that the ambient sensor is getting damaged or having an issue? Let us know.

Poor fuel efficiency:

A faulty ambient sensor can show an incorrect signal on the onboard of your vehicle. As a result, the engine needs to be hot with more fuel. So, the wrong signal can create additional pressure on fuel efficiency. That is why there may be improper fuel management.

Engine light activates:

The check engine light will illuminate briefly due to the faulty ambient sensor. By seeing this lighting, the driver should understand that any problem occurs with the ambient sensor.

Black exhaust smoke:

Due to the wrong temperature signal, the ECM system extremely enriches the heat in one place and can cause of stall. As a result, excess fuel burns in the exhaust pipe and makes black smoke there. By seeing the black smoke, you can guess about the faulty sensor.

Engine overheating:

Engine cooling fan reduce the overheating engine. Electracy power is required to operate this fan. And its signal is sent from the onboard computer of your Chevy Silverado. The cooling fan gets a wrong signal when the ambient sensor doesn’t work. Its cooling fan cannot remove excess heat, and the engine overheats. 

Poor idle:

The fuel is naturally mixed as per the signal of the sensor. When the sensor is faulty, the engine will act weirdly. The engine will generate a strange vibration if the car’s speed is low.

These are the common signs of a faulty ambient sensor. If you can recognize a faulty sensor, then take steps to ambient air temperature sensor reset. Follow the next section to learn the resetting process.

How To Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor on Chevy Silverado?

The Chevy Silverado ambient sensor may need to be fixed for several reasons. But in most cases, this will work correctly after resetting. So, let’s know the steps of resetting.

  • Step 1: Locate the Ambient Sensor

First, locate the sensor for contacting the Chevy Silverado device. Generally, the ambient sensor is positioned at the front of the Silverado.

  • Step 2: Device Removing

Remove the battery or unplug the electric source before starting the work. Then, uninstall the device. Good to know that there is a plastic made clip attaches the ambient sensor to the vehicle wire. Find out that slip from the device. Be careful with this step, or the wiring system may be faulty.

  • Step 3: Reset the Sensor

Find out the reset button and press on that for a few seconds. In the meantime, remember to clean inside the device because dirt can be responsible for a faulty ambient sensor.

  • Step 4: Mount the all equipment

Install all the removed parts of the device and collect the plastic clip again. Then, attach the charger and check the ambient sensor system.

  • Step 5: Inspecting the onboard reading

It is important to synchronize real-time data to check the actual condition of the sensor. So, use a weather application for data synchronization. Repeat resetting if the ambient sensor temperature doesn’t match the outside temperature.

How to Bypass an Ambient Air Temperature Sensor

Bypassing an ambient air temperature sensor can help to detect the inner issue more accurately. However, the user should have enough expertise to bypass a sensor system. Let’s know the core three methods of bypassing an ambient sensor.

  • Method 1:

Find the battery location and cut the red and black wire from the battery connection. Then, attach one edge of the wire with one edge of the battery. In the meantime, connect the other edge of the wire with the battery terminal.

  • Method 2:

This step is also easier, but it is important to maintain proper caution. Let’s cover the ambient sensor with paper. Then, reconnect the battery and operate it for testing.

  • Method 3:

Applying about 10 ml of liquid crystal in this step creates a clear window. The infrared rays can flow through the liquid crystal window. Do note this phase can change based on the sensor temperature. That’s the whole process of bypassing your ambient sensor system.

Final Words:

We have discussed above the common signs of a faulty ambient sensor system in a Chevy Silverado vehicle. By following the factors, you can easily understand the condition of the sensor and make proper preparations. Resetting the sensor can solve the temperature problem issue. We have given the proper instructions to reset ambient air temperature sensor silverado.

Moreover, you can follow bypassing methods for ambient sensors with enough expertise. The bypass process can help to detect the problem precisely. Hopefully, you can understand how to reset ambient temperature sensor for chevy silverado.

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