How To Turn Off Automatic High Beams Chevy Silverado: A Detailed Guide 

A car without a headlight is like a man without an eye. It helps you see through the roads, and vehicles, especially at night. And to maximize your driving experience, Chevy Silverado features an intelligent system commonly known as IntelliBeam.

This automatic system adjusts the intensity of the car’s light beams according to the surroundings. With an approaching vehicle above you, it will turn on low beams. And on dark roads, it automatically switches the headlights to high beams. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

However, there may be circumstances where you would like to turn this system off. But how to turn off automatic high beams Chevy Silverado? If you are looking for this answer, advance forward into the article! 

The IntelliBeam Headlights System

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. While driving late at night, wouldn’t it be awesome if your car could adjust the headlights on its own? That’s how the IntelliBeam system was created.  

In this system, a sensor on your windshield detects the headlights of an approaching car and the tail lights of the vehicle in front of you. When it senses any car in front of you, it lowers light intensity. It helps you see the vehicle properly and also doesn’t blind the driver in the approaching car.

Similarly, when IntelliBeam detects dark places like a tunnel with no car around you at night, it simply increases the light intensity and activates high beams.

When Should You Turn Off Automatic High Beams?

Automatic high beams are pretty convenient, and it ensures the driver’s safety to a great extent. However, there are some situations when you might want to turn it off. 

  • You don’t need high beams in broad daylight. If your headlights are not turned off automatically for some issues, you should switch them off manually. 
  • If you are doing any maintenance work in the car, even if it’s at night, it is wise to turn off automatic high beams. You can see better that way. 
  • If you are driving in a specific area, like hilly roads, where manual headlight control is preferred, you may turn off the automatic system.
  •  If you have decided to take a break in your midnight drive, even if there’s no car around you, turn off automatic high beams to reduce battery drainage.

How To Turn Off IntelliBeam Headlights?

Despite being a safety feature, IntelliBeam headlights are not always needed. Now you know, there might be occasions when it is best to turn off automatic high beams. So, how do you do it exactly?

Follow our step-by-step guide and learn how to turn off automatic high beams Chevy Silverado. 

1. Turn On Ignition 

If you want to turn off your vehicle’s automatic high beams, you must first turn on the ignition. It is not necessary to have the engine running. But the car should at least have the ignition on. 

2. Get Familiar With The Car’s Headlight Control

Before anything else, getting familiar with the car’s headlight controls is necessary. Do you know where the headlight switch is? Depending on what model of Silverado you have, the position of controls may vary. It can be on the control arm on the left of your steering wheel. Or, in some models, it can be to the left of the steering wheel but on the dashboard. 

3. Turn Off The High Beams 

When you are familiar with the controls, operating them according to your desire is much easier. As there are variations in the control panel, depending on different models, we will discuss them all. 

  • If your car’s headlights are controlled by a rotating knob on the left of the dashboard, simply turn it to “off,” and the automatic headlight will be turned off. 
  • If your Chevy Silverado has a control arm attached to the steering wheel to operate headlights, you can do a few things. First, press the button on the head of the control arm to activate your headlights. Now, turn the dial on the control arm from ‘auto’ to ‘off.’ The headlights won’t operate automatically anymore. 
  • In a few models, you can simply push the control lever forward and pull it back rapidly. Or you can also pull the lever back twice rapidly. The automatic symbol on your instrument panel will blink twice before it turns off. 

4. Confirm That The Automatic High Beam Is Off

When the IntelliBeam system is turned on, there’s an ‘A’ symbol within a green circle on your instrument panel. It indicates the headlights are in automatic mode. So, the headlight system is no longer automated when you can not see this symbol anymore. 

Conditions Where High Beams Are Turned Off Automatically

Conditions Where High Beams Are Turned Off Automatically

There are some conditions when the high beams on your Chevy Silverado may turn off automatically. Some of the reasons are-

  • If your car is running under 12mph, the automatic IntelliBeam system won’t be activated. 
  • In some models, the high beams are turned off automatically if you are driving through windy, hilly roads.
  • The high beams are turned off 
  • in broad daylight or when there’s enough illumination on the road.
  • If the IntelliBeam sensor detects a car’s headlight approaching your vehicle, it turns off high beams and switches to low beams.
  • If the sensor detects the tail light of a car in front of yours, it automatically turns off the high beams. 

Why Won’t Automatic Headlights Turn Off In Chevy Silverado?

The ultimate benefit of automatic headlights is they adjust to the surroundings traffic on their own. You don’t have to fix their intensity with every passing vehicle manually. But what if the automatic system is not turning off and always have high beams activated? 

Here are a few possible reasons that might give rise to the above-said problem. 

  • If the IntelliBeam sensor is faulty and can not detect the vehicle before you, it keeps the high beam on. 
  • If dirt or debris is on the windshield, the IntelliBeam sensor may sense darkness around it and keep the high beams turned on. 
  • If the car approaching you doesn’t have its headlights on or has a faulty headlight, your vehicle won’t turn off the automatic headlight. 
  • In snow, dense fog, or any other condition where the other vehicle’s headlights can not be seen, the IntelliBeam system will keep your car’s headlights on high beams. 

Tips For A Properly Functioning IntelliBeam System 

The intelliBeam system on Chevy Silverado is indeed a life-saving feature. Here are a few tips to keep this system functioning correctly for a long time. 

  • Keep your car’s windshield clean. Do not let dirt or debris accumulate on it. 
  • Send your Silverado for maintenance when it is needed. 
  • Check frequently whether the sensors are working properly or not. If needed, call professionals for help. 


1. How to turn off automatic high beams Chevy Silverado 2023?

The switch that controls the IntelliBeam system changes from ‘High’ to ‘low’ to turn off automatic high beams in Chevy Silverado. 

2. How do I turn off the automatic high-beam assist?

The control lever on the left of your steering wheel, pull it back twice rapidly and see if the green ‘A’ symbol disappears. If it does, the automatic high beam assist is turned off. 

3. How do you turn on the high beams on a Chevy Silverado?

Start with turning on the ignition. Now, put the headlights on auto mode by pushing the headlight control lever forward and pulling it backward within 2 seconds. It will activate the IntelliBeam feature, which turns on high beams when necessary. 

4. Why are my auto high beams on?

If the IntelliBeam sensor detects darkness around your vehicle or no car within 500m, it adjusts the headlights to high beams and gives you better visibility on the road. 

Final Words

When you are familiar with your car’s control system, operating it becomes more manageable. We have tried to make you familiar with automatic IntelliBeam control panels. Now you know how to turn off automatic high beams Chevy Silverado. 

We have also discussed scenarios, where it is better to have the IntelliBeam system turned off. Also, we have pointed out the possible causes for your automatic high beams not turning off on their own. We wish you to have a smooth driving experience with your Chevy Silverado.

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