How Much Weight Can a Silverado Tailgate Hold?

What do you do when there’s some extra cargo to put in your Silverado? It is obvious that you would open the tailgate at the rear end and put the excess weight in it. But have you ever considered whether your truck’s tailgate can withstand it?

The last thing you would want is to put too much weight on your vehicle’s tailgate and break it. It is also a safety regulation not to put excessive load on the tailgate. So, how much weight can a Silverado tailgate hold? Even though it is usually mentioned in the owner’s manual, only a few bothers to go through it.

So, today, we will discuss the Silverado tailgate weight limit and its related factors. We will also be talking about some safety measures related to tailgate loading.

What Is a Tailgate?

For the new truck owners who are confused about what a tailgate is, let’s first know about it a bit. In simple words, the tailgate is the small gate at the rear end of your truck bed. It is hinged to the truck with cables. You can fold it up or down and use it according to your needs.

When folded, the tailgate acts as a barrier and holds the loaded items, preventing them from falling down. But you can also unfold it and use it as an extension to increase the area of your truck bed. Whenever there’s a large item, like a bed bike to carry, just put down the tailgate, and you have extra space.

How Much Is the Silverado Tailgate Weight Limit?

By now, you already know how handy tailgate can be. But that does not mean you can put too much weight on it. How much load a tailgate can hold depends on which model it belongs to. The tailgate’s holding capacity may vary from 300-2000 pounds depending on the manufacturer and model.

A typical Chevy Silverado tailgate can withstand 300 pounds with ease. But nowadays, some newer versions may hold up to 375 pounds. You should check the owner’s manual to have a better idea. But yes, sometimes manufacturers don’t mention the maximum weight limit. In that case, the only way to know is to increase the load gradually and test it out.

How Much Is the Silverado Tailgate Weight Limit?

Factors Affecting How Much Weight a Silverado Tailgate Can Hold

Not all vehicle is the same, and neither is their towing and payload capacity. Depending on that, their tailgate’s holding capacity is also variable. But yes, there are some other factors that also affect how much weight can a Silverado tailgate hold. Let’s check them out.

  • Vehicle’s Model

Different manufacturer has a variable preference to set weight limit for their vehicles. Vehicle type and model are some of the most critical factors here. For example, the tailgate of a mini pickup van and a truck is different. As trucks are made specifically for transporting heavy loads, it is evident that their tailgates can withstand heavier weight.

  • Cable Type and Strength

The tailgate is attached to the truck’s main frame by some cables. They singlehandedly hold the tailgate to the vehicle’s body. So, it is essential to connect appropriate cables with proper strength. If you attach a cable suitable for vans in a truck, it will only snap when you load the tailgate.

So, cables nature and strength play an important role in deciding the weight limit for any vehicle’s tailgate. If you are planning to change your worn-out ones, be sure to check the manual to find the correct type of cable.

  • Condition of The Cable

The cables are essential for holding the tailgate when they are folded down. They can also wear out with time and use. Worn out cables may not have enough strength to hold up to the maximum weight limit for the tailgate. They may snap earlier causing the tailgate to become detached from the vehicle’s main frame.

You definitely wouldn’t want to have a detached tailgate and all the loaded items falling on the roads when you are driving. So, keep an eye on the cable’s condition and change them if necessary.

  • Age of The Vehicle

As a vehicle ages with time, it is quite natural for dust and rust to accumulate in different parts of it. As a result, the functionality of the car is reduced and it is never the same as it was when new.

The same thing goes for tailgates. Using the car’s tailgate too frequently can cause it to become damaged earlier. It may have cracks, dents, worn out cables. Gradually, it will lose its strength and won’t be able to hold up to its maximum weight limit.

  • Loading The Tailgate

How much load a vehicle can carry depends on how you organize the cargo in it. Putting too much weight on one side can cause the truck to become tilted. If that happens, your truck can also flip and a serious accident can occur.

While putting the load in the car, make sure to spread them out evenly. Do not put excessive weight on one side of the tailgate. It will only reduce its capacity to hold weight and the tailgate may break down too.

Safety Measures for Loading Tailgate

Driving with cargo loaded in is not easy at all. Simple mistakes may cause severe accidents. Tailgates are designed to hold the loads inside the truck bed. However, if safety measures are not followed, they may become unable to do the job correctly.

Here are some precautions you should remember to avoid any unwanted occurrence while transporting cargo. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Do Not Overload

The first safety criterion of loading a tailgate is not to overload it. It is necessary to know the maximum capacity the tailgate can hold and put the loads according to it. For example, the Silverado tailgate weight limit is 300 pounds. So, it is wise to put more weight on it.

  • Properly Secure the Cargo

It is crucial to secure the cargo properly. You wouldn’t want them to fall out when you are driving and cause an accident, would you? Use rope straps to tightly secure the loads before you set out for the journey.

  • Stabilized Unloading

Always unload the cargo when you have put the vehicle in a stable state. Completely stop the car, park it, and then start unloading. Also, avoid unloading on a slope. It is dangerous as the vehicle may move downwards when you are taking off weights.

  • Do Not Keep the Tailgate Half Open

If you plan to use the tailgate to protect the loads from falling down, make sure to fold the tailgate properly. And if you want to use it folded down to have extra space, ensure it is appropriately folded down. Do not leave the tailgate half open or half closed. It will cause the tailgate to move while the car is moving. It can damage the tailgate and reduce its lifespan.

  • Regular Inspection

With frequent use, the tailgate may have dented areas, rust, and other damages. The cables holding the tailgate to the vehicle’s main frame may also become worn out. If you don’t inspect these karts regularly, you won’t know when these parts may fail to do their job correctly.

Check the tailgate, its cables, and other parts on a regular basis and replace the worn-out ones. 

  • Maintenance

Sending your vehicle for maintenance at least once or twice a year ensures smooth operation and longevity. It is also necessary for your own safety.

Final Words

Do you have a Silverado and are using it for moving things? If yes, do you know it’s towing and payload capacity? Are you overloading it?

By now, you should know how much weight can a Silverado tailgate hold. If you overload the truck, the tailgate will not be able to give proper support to them. As a result, the loads may fall out and cause trouble for you.

Also, if you have the tailgates folded down and are using it as an extended part of your truck bed, be sure not to put more than 300 pounds in it. Otherwise, the cables may snap, and they can break down.

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