What does the tow button do on a Silverado?

Silverado pickup truck has become extremely popular in Minnesota states for excellent performance and tow-button functions. But many Silverado owners need to know what does the tow button do on a Silverado.

The tow or Haul mode does multiple tasks to increase the pickup truck’s performance. The tow button mainly handles shift points, engine braking, throttle response, cooling and stability control.

In this guide, we will explain what the tow button is. What does a tow button do to optimize a truck for better performance, when to use the tow function, and what are the details on Chevy Silverado’s towing capacity? So, let’s start without delay.

What is the tow button in the chevy Silverado?

The tow button function refers to a special driving mode in the Silverado pickup truck. That function allows to optimize a Silverado to make it better in performance. This function especially works excellently to handle heavier loads of trailers or caravans.

The works of a tow button function

You can add several parameters to your Silverado after optimizing with two functions. Let’s know some primary responsibilities of the Silverado tow button.

Transmission Shift Points:

Using two buttons helps to adjust the transmission’s shift points. In the meantime, it holds and shifts the gear for longer periods precisely and assertively. Besides, these functions make the engine more efficient when lifting or putting down heavier loads.

Engine braking:

The two-button function prevents excess heat and keeps the engine cool. It also helps to engage braking while putting down load from steep hills or other higher places.

Throttle Response:

The tow button helps control throttle response, provides more immediate power, and limits the speed as per the carrying load.

Stability and control:

The special two-button works great to maintain truck stability with tract and stability control. Besides, you can maintain the potential weight on the sway path.


Towing generally creates added heat into the transmission system of the engine. So, having a tow button can adjust the cooling system and protect the engine from overheating.

Display Information:

The Chevy tow haul mode will show the transmission temperature, several indicators and gear selection on the display that helps the driver to maintain the truck properly.

Overall, two functions are a great way to increase your truck’s safety and performance. Optimizing the vehicle controlling system makes the driver’s experience the best.

When to use the tow function?

It is good to use the tow function when you plan to lift or put down heavier loads on your truck. Lifting heavier loads is risky for pickup trucks. But using the tow function helps protect the truck’s transmission and engine.

Besides, the tow function is useful to control your driving to drive from steeps hill. Good to know that it is not good to use tow or haul mode in slippery or icy conditions. Otherwise, your truck may be slipped on the road due to the less traction from increased engine braking. You can only get the tow button convenience in a decent road condition.

Chevy Silverado towing capacity

The towing capacity is different for several pickup trucks. So, it is important to know how much weight the tow haul mode is before using them. We are talking about the current maximum towing capacity for different Silverado trucks. All of these towing functions are suitable for the Silverado released in 2023.

  • Chevy Silverado 1500 is available with 13,300 pounds capacity
  • Chevy Silverado 2500 is available with 18,510 pounds capacity
  • Chevy Silverado 3500 is available with 36,000 pounds capacity

How to use tow haul mode Silverado?

You must follow four simple steps to use a haul mode in Silverado.

Step 1: Engage the mode

How to turn on tow/haul mode? To turn on haul mode, keep the Silverado in “drive mode” and locate the “Tow button” on the dashboard. Find the “Tow/Haul” or “T/H.” label on the dashboard. Click on the button to activate the tow mode. You will see lighting on the dashboard when the mode is active.

Step 2: Driving in Tow mode

Transmission and engine settings will automatically adjust after engaging in the tow mode. In the meantime, the transmission will adjust the shift points to improve the vehicle’s performance. Besides, this will improve the throttle response to help in heavier load bearing. Moreover, the tow button will engage to help in downhill and slowing down your pickup truck.

Step 3: Deactivating the haul mode

Press the haul button once again. Remember to turn of the indicator light on the dashboard. Your truck engine and transmission will automatically come into regular mode.

Step 4: Additional Tips

  • Use the tow or haul functions when carrying trailers, boats, or caravans-like heavier loads.
  • Remember to activate the tow haul mode before starting towing on your truck
  • Be careful about braking behaviour and throttle response while the Tow/Haul mode is activated.

We hope after reading these steps now you can understand how to use tow/haul mode silverado.

What to do when chevy Silverado tow/haul mode not working?

You can follow several steps to resolve the issues when the chevy Silverado mode does not work.

  • Look on the dashboard to see if there have any error messages or warning light.
  • Check if the Fuse Inspection system comes as an intact pack other replace it.
  • Reset the battery by disconnecting and reconnecting it to resolve the problem.
  • Make sure the transmission fluid is clean and available enough to run the tow/haul mode.
  • Make sure all wirings and connections are correct and working properly.
  • Take your Silverado to the Diagnostic Scan with the help of a qualified mechanic.
  • Update the Silverado software vehicle’s control modules to solve the issue.

Final Words:

What does the tow button do on a Silverado? The tow button works to optimize Silverado trucks to increase their performance. Also, the tow button function helps control several pickup truck parts. The drivers can use this function to make their driving experience smoother.

Knowing the ideal tow button capacity for a specific Silverado is good. The capacity of the tow button may vary depending on the truck model.

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