What Should The Tire Pressure Be On a Chevy Silverado

The tire pressure for Chevy Silverado varies due to the other generations. The Chevy Silverado is one of Chevrolet’s high-selling trucks. No one wants to raise the probability of accidents, but poor maintenance can lead to accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 45 thousand vehicles face malfunction-related accidents.

Here, I would like to talk about the Chevy truck tire pressure and the right pressure of the tires. And many more questions you have about tires. So, let’s find out what should the tire pressure be on a chevy Silverado.

What Tire Pressure is Ideal for Chevy Silverado

Tire pressure management is a very important part of truck maintenance. Because if tires go any bad during riding, you may not avoid the accident. So the damage is huge from tire malfunction.

The recommended tire pressure for pickup trucks is 35 psi. But it depends on the load you have on the truck. Also, the other variables are size and type of tires, etc. here, we are going to see tire pressure charts for different silverados’s models.

Silverado 1500 Tire Pressure

ModelTrims/ YearTire Size   Front Tire PressureRear Tire Pressure
SIlverado 1500LT/WT (2019-2021)255/70R17- 112S35 psi35 psi
SIlverado 1500LT/LTZ/RST (2019-2021)265/65R18- 114T35 psi35 psi
SIlverado 1500LT/WT/LS (2014-2021)265/70R17- C 112/ 109Q45psi45 psi
SIlverado 1500Custom Trail Boss/ LT Trail Boss 2021265/60R20– C110/107S  41 psi41 pi
SIlverado 1500Hybrid (2005-2006)235/75R16- 106S35 psi35 psi
SIlverado 1500LS/LT/LTZ/WT/Base Model265/70R17- 113S30-35 psi30-35 psi

Silverado 2500 HD Tire Pressure

ModelTrims/ YearTire Size Front Tire PressureRear Tire Pressure
SIlverado 500HDLT/WT/LS/LTZ/Base Model (2005-2010)245/75R16-  E120/116R45-65 psi45-80 psi
SIlverado 500HDLT/WT and both with Snow Plow Package (2011-2021)245/75R17- E 121/ 118R65 psi80 psi
SIlverado 500HDLT/WT/LTZ (2007-2021)265/70R17- E 121/ 118Q65psi80 psi
SIlverado 2500HDCustom/ High Country/ LT/ LTZ (2020-2021)275/65R20– E126/123S  60-65 psi70-75 psi

Silverado 3500HD Tire Pressure

Model Trims/ YearTire Size Front Tire PressureRear Tire Pressure
SIlverado 500HDWT with dual rear wheels (2007-2009)225/75R16-  F 119/116Q65 psi80 psi
SIlverado 500HDLT/WT/LTZ with dual rear wheels (2011-2021)225/75R17- E 116/ 113Q65 psi80 psi
SIlverado 3500HDLT/WT/LTZ (2007-2010)265/70R17- E 121/ 118Q60 psi75 psi
SIlverado 3500HDHigh Country/ LT/ LTZ with Snow Plow Package (2020-2021)275/70R18– E125/122S  60 psi80 psi

Checking The Chevy Silverado Tire Pressure- How Often

The checking of Chevy Silverado’s tire pressure has two different ways. The modern and old schoolways. Most of the newer models display tire pressure in the instrument cluster menu, which is located next to the speed meter. So, it will display a low-pressure warning light if any tire gets too low pressure.

Moreover, there is an old-school way to check your tire pressure for Chevy Silverado 1500. Just unscrew the tire stem cap and push the pressure gauge all the way in into the valve. 

Now the question comes: how often you should check the tire pressure. Well, once in a month for every vehicle, but you don’t have a Chevy Silverado tire pressure sensor in the truck, and you carry heavy weight often, it’s safe to check twice a month.

How to Interpret Truck Tire PSI Chart?

Here, I am going to interpret the recommended tire pressure Chevy Silverado 1500 psi information.

How to Interpret Truck Tire PSI Chart

Here, you can see there is a weight limit of 447 kg, so if the total weight exceeds, your tire is at risk. So keep in mind, never try to exceed that weight limit. Now, the first column shows the type of tires.. Front, rear, and spare.

In the 2nd column, an original size is written for the specific tires. It means the measurement of the tires. The tires’ recommended pressure type is in the third column.

Measuring the Ideal Tire PSI for Towing

Measuring Silverado 1500 tire pressure when towing takes a lot of work. If you have a 2019 silverado tire pressure monitoring feature, then Tire Fill Alert will only ring for the four tires. However, the new Silverado extends the tire pressure monitoring system to the trailer too.

But if you have an older model of Silverado 1500, then you must determine the per axle loads first. But for acceptable comfort and grip on the terrain.

Suppose your tires are E-rated, (LT275/60R20). The sticker of your truck says 34-46 psi cold. But your tires can take up to 80 psi. The max weight of the trailer is 6440 lbs. You are loaded with camping trips. Now, the total weight of the trailer is 7100 lbs. So, 1775 lbs per axle.

If you do a simple math now, you can find out the required psi for 7100 lbs, which is 37.5 – 51 psi. (approximately).

Few Common Misjudgement about Tire Pressure

  • We always hear that inflating tire psi maximizes the tire lifetime. Not correct. The manufacturer of the car determines the tire pressure. Excellent quality tires don’t decide the psi list.
  • Using the same tire pressure through all seasons. Not correct. Tire psi may change due to different weather conditions in different seasons. For optimal performance, you must change the tire pressure.
  • Over-inflating tires give better fuel efficiency. Not correct. Over flatting reduces the traction and uneven wear due to overheating. So, overinflating negatively impacts the fuel consumption. 

What is the best tire pressure for a Silverado 1500?

There are different tire pressures needed for different generations of Silverado 1500. They mostly fracture between 35-45 psi. The base model of Silverado requires 30-35 psi.

What is the recommended tire pressure for a Chevy Silverado 2500hd?

It depends, but nothing around 30 to 40 psi like the Silverado 1500. The 2500HD requires 45-80 psi on different generations of Chevy Silverado.


As the Chevy Silverado is a heavy-weight vehicle, tire pressure should always be checked in it. It’s better to check and cross-check your tire if it has exceeded five years. You already know about checking tire pressure once or twice a month. Finally, check the tire tread with the penny method every three months.

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